Have FUN Nordic Walking In Bedfordshire With Elaine Kearns!

Weekly Nordic Walks In Ampthill, Luton And Bedfordshire

Latest Walks - Week Beginning 4th May 2015

Ampthill - Regular Classes

Ampthill Park, West Car Park

Tuesday 8.20am (1)

Ampthill Park, West Car Park

Tuesday 10.00am (2) & (3)

Ampthill Park, West Car Park

Wednesday 6.00pm (2)
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Ampthill Park, West Car Park

Saturday 9.00am (2)
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Ampthill Park, West Car Park

Saturday 10.00am (2)

Ampthill Park, Hub Car Park

Wednesday 12.00pm (4)
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Luton & Cranfield - Regular Classes

Luton, Turnpike Drive, LU3 3RB

Monday 6.30pm (2)


Cranfield, Court Road, by the Village Hall, MK43 0D

Monday 10.00am (2)


Thursday Morning Walk - Variable Location

Bedford Park, Foster Hill Road, Bedford (2)


Monday 10am - Ampthill Longer Walk, Ampthill Park West Car Park (2)


Saturday 30th May 10am

  Woburn - 10 miles - £8


Harlington, Sundon Rd, Village Hall

Monday 1.00pm

Cranfield, Court Road,Village Hall

Friday 10.00am

Ampthill Park, West Car Park

Saturday 11.00am

Why Nordic Walking?

  • Nordic Walking uses 90% of the skeletal muscles
  • Burns up to 46% more calories than normal walking
  • Poles propel you along, making it easier to move faster without feeling the strain
  • Tones the upper and lower body simultaneously
  • And...IT'S GREAT FUN!

Classes For Everyone!

Find Out Below Which Nordic Walking Class Grading Is Right For You...

  • 1 = Moderate Plus (for the faster Nordic Walker, with optional Hill running)
  • 2 = Moderate (yet challenging)
  • 3 = Gentle Plus (smidge slower than Moderate yet invigorating)
  • 4 = Gentle (marginally slower than G+ class but energising)
  • Beginners

Nordic Walking Prices

£5 (£4 if you have your own poles) For All Walks Except Longer Distance Walks And £5 For Moderate Plus

Nordic Walk Locations In Bedfordshire

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