Nordic Walking With Elaine Kearns

Elaine Kearns Nordic Walking Features In The Bedfordshire On Sunday

    Our walk on Thursday was featured in the "Bedfordshire On Sunday" Steve Lowe from The BoS wrote: "I thoroughly enjoyed it and could certainly feel the next day that I had been using muscles in my upper body I don’t normally use. So, whatever your age or gender - get to it". Here's the link to read the full article: Click here

Nordic Walking Bedfordshire – Week Starting 26/01/2015

26/01/2015 @ 10:30 am
by Admin
Hi Nordic Walkers, What a fab walk we had this morning!  The long distance walk was made extra tough by the mud which was extremely slippy but everyone managed to stay on their feet (with a graceful slide by me!) and everyone dealt with the hills brilliantly.  We took a detour at the start due to the mud and had a very long hill which got us warmed up nicely!  Well done to all of you who completed the walk and already looking forward to the next long walk next month! Yippeeeee! This Tuesday ,Tanya will be covering for me for the 10am walk [...]

Nordic Walking Bedfordshire – Week Starting 19/01/2015

Hi Nordic Walkers, What a hardy bunch you are! With temperatures plummeting it's great to see you all wrapped up (apart from Bob who is still in shorts) getting out for your Nordic workout. Well done! Great to know that after all your effort in class that you've burned 450+ calories! Not bad for walking and talking. This week we may have some snow which would be AWESOME! We love snow, not on the roads so much, but definitely for Nordic. Please make sure you have sufficient layers on and good footwear as it can be real slippy, hey Sheila?! [...]

Bedfordshire Nordic Walking – Week Starting 12th January 2015

Hi Nordic Walkers! This past week we've  had some challenging weather to contend which makes me all the more grateful we had such great numbers that came out all wrapped up and ready to go!  A Fab start to the New Year, so well done.  I think we're in for a similar week coming, so please remember your walking boots/shoes, and a light raincoat.  This week we're going to concentrate on the hill technique and I'll come around and check you're all still doing the right things to help you up and down the hills that we all love so much! New Grading Key 1 = Moderate Plus (for the faster Nordic Walker, with [...]

Nordic Walking Bedfordshire – Week Starting 5th January 2014

06/01/2015 @ 1:19 pm
by Admin
HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my Nordic Walkers!  Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year.  We were so lucky on Saturday; a great walk which we managed to complete without getting wet, but 5 minutes after the class when safely in our cars, it poured down which makes me think the Nordic Gods are back on our side for 2015!  Yipee! BEGINNERS COURSES It's that time of year when we're all thinking about our health and fitness and what better way is there than going for a Nordic Walk!  If you have any friends or family who'd like to try it, if you give them my email [...]

Bedfordshire Nordic Walks – 8th December 2014

Howdy All, Hope you had a good weekend. What a treat we had on Saturday with super beautiful walks with frost and sunshine. Hoping for more of the same conditions this week as I've discovered the colder it is; the faster you guys go! Displaying fantastic speeds last week so well done. As it is getting slippier out there, please take extra care. Emoji Last week it was mentioned the Thursday group would again go to Bedford Park after the discovery of an awesome café but this will now be on the 18th where we'll have a nice walk followed [...]
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