Nordic Walking With Elaine Kearns

Elaine Kearns Nordic Walking Features In The Bedfordshire On Sunday

    Our walk on Thursday was featured in the "Bedfordshire On Sunday" Steve Lowe from The BoS wrote: "I thoroughly enjoyed it and could certainly feel the next day that I had been using muscles in my upper body I don’t normally use. So, whatever your age or gender - get to it". Here's the link to read the full article: Click here

Bedfordshire Nordic Walks – 8th December 2014

Howdy All, Hope you had a good weekend. What a treat we had on Saturday with super beautiful walks with frost and sunshine. Hoping for more of the same conditions this week as I've discovered the colder it is; the faster you guys go! Displaying fantastic speeds last week so well done. As it is getting slippier out there, please take extra care. Emoji Last week it was mentioned the Thursday group would again go to Bedford Park after the discovery of an awesome café but this will now be on the 18th where we'll have a nice walk followed [...]

Beds Nordic Walking – From 20th October 2014

Hi Guys, Autumn is definitely here and I have to say it must be my favourite time of year to Nordic Walk, topped only by shed loads of snow!  We had some rain last week but apart from Monday evening once again being cancelled, we managed to escape any inclement weather for the rest of the week.  Those Nordic Gods do listen sometimes! Welcome I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome some new Nordic Walkers who have been doing the Beginners courses and will now be joining us for our great walks, they are:  Jenny G, Eirian, Sue C, Marie, [...]

Bedfordshire Nordic Walking – From 22nd Sept 2014

Hi Nordic Walkers, Your fearless leader has been holed up in bed since Saturday trying to fend off this darn cough/throat/nightmare thing, and it has wiped me out. I am therefore taking tomorrow off in hopes I can kick it and be back for Tuesday, though know I will be useless for Extreme Nordic so I ask my regulars to go on without me. I think the Moderate class will be okay though so will put it on the schedule as normal.   EVENING CLASSES The nights are drawing in and this will be the last Wednesday evening class until [...]

Nordic Walking In Bedfordshire – Week Starting 8th Sept. 2014

  Hello Nordic Walkers, Great to see some of my past walkers coming back and getting back to a fitter and healthier life, yippeeeee! Things are already beginning to look Autumnal on the trails and the temperatures are just perfect for our walks. Boy, I love my job! Great walks, great company, lots of laughs.....the odd time walking into trees etc, but still, I love it! The pics attached are some of the new stretches especially for Reg! This week's Nordic walks: Monday 6:30pm - Turnpike Drive, Barton Hills, Luton (3)* Tuesday 8:30am - Centre Parcs Perimeter walk, meeting at [...]

Bedfordshire Nordic Walks Starting 1st September 2014

Hi Nordic Walkers, we had a couple of rainy walks last week. but some of you die hard Nordic Walkers came along and had a great workout.Thanks for coming despite the inclement weather. This week is looking a lot brighter so I'll see you all out on the trails raring to go! This week's walks: Monday 6:30pm - Old Road, Barton Le Clay (3)* Tuesday 8:30am - Centre Parcs Perimeter walk, meeting at the lay by at Millbrook Roundabout (1)* Tuesday 10:00am - Ampthill Park, West car park (3) - (There are rumours of cake following this walk!) Wednesday 6:30pm [...]


New Beginners Courses for Autumn 2014 Here are the next batch of Beginners courses with the Get Back Into Programme. Let all your friends and family know as spaces will be limited. They can contact me above or go to in September to book their places.   Monday 22nd September – 6:30pm – Bramingham Park, Edgecott Close, Barton Hills, Luton Tuesday 23rd September – 12pm – The Bedford Golf Club, Great Denham Wednesday 24th September – 12:30pm – Hillgrounds Recreation Park, Kempston Friday 26th September – 12:15pm – Inspire Sports Village, Stopsley Saturday 27th September – 11am – Ampthill [...]

Bedfordshire Nordic Walking – 4th August 2014

  Hi Nordic Walkers! August is here already!   Where is the summer going? We had some fab walks last week and definitely the hot weather hasn't slowed you down at all! So well done for coming along and giving your all! Houghton House was just a lovely walk this week and boy were we blessed with great weather and more importantly, delicious fruit cake! (thanks Sheelagh!)   This coming Saturday we have the Timberland Trail, Yipeeeeee!   I can't wait and what a great challenge for you guys.  The distance is 14 and a bit miles with a stop at the Hub [...]

Bedfordshire Nordic Walking – Week Starting 28th July 2014

Hi Nordic Walkers and limpers! Thanks for your patience this week with my not so fast walking, but feeling almost 100% again so looking to up the pace this week.  I will also be reviewing everyone's technique these coming weeks to make sure no bad habits have crept in.  For those of you who haven't been to Nordic Walking with me in a while, these coming weeks would be a great opportunity to start again and refresh your technique.  Yay! Monday 6:30pm - Edgecott Close, Barton Hills, Luton (3)* Tuesday 8:30am - Ampthill Park, West car park (1)* Tuesday 10:00am - Ampthill Park, HUB CAR [...]

Nordic Walking Bedfordshire – Week Starting 21st July 2014

Hello, Hoping you all managed to stay out of the showers and thunderstorms this weekend.  Rather spectacular lightening storm on Friday night! Injury This week there will be a change to the previously mentioned picnic at Houghton House which will be the following week now.  This is only because I managed to dislocate my knee and have it in a full brace at the moment but this is only for a couple more days. Martin has kindly said he can help out for the 10am Tuesday class which will be at Ampthill Park as usual.  My Extreme walkers and Monday evening walkers [...]

Bedfordshire Nordic Walking Week Starting 14th July 2014

July 14, 2014 @ 5:57 am
by Admin
Hey Everyone, Great walks all last week with a special mention to the Moderate Plus Saturday group who Smashed the Lidlington Rollercoaster walk!  Fantastic effort all round and notably very little moaning indeed!  Also the Thursday morning group smashed the Barton Springs (Hills and views galore) walk too!  Well done to all you guys and gals. Every two years I work with the River Events Team at The Bedford River Festival which is a wonderful event.  However, this means I will be calling on Martin's services again to cover my Saturday morning classes this week.  Please give him a hard time, as he's a new [...]

Bedfordshire Nordic Walking – Longer Walks & Beginners’ Courses

July 8, 2014 @ 1:14 pm
by Admin
Beginners course: Thursday 10th July - 6pm - Ampthill Park, West Car Park.  (course will run for four consecutive weeks) If you know of anyone who wishes to learn the Nordic Walking Technique, please forward this information and have them contact me as soon as possible.  Spaces are limited. Thanks  Longer Distance Walks  coming up - Thursday 10th July - 10am - Barton Springs meeting on Old Road, Barton Le Clay. This will be approx. 3 and a half miles but has a few hills to contend with. But you know what that means....?  Views to die for!  Afterwards we'll be driving two [...]

Nordic Walking Bedfordshire Week Starting 7th June 2014

Hi Nordic Walkers, I'm really looking forward to some great walks this week and hoping for some good weather also. Remember to bring water with you and a light raincoat in case. Any questions about the walks, just drop me a line. This week's walks: Grading Key: 1 = Extreme Nordic (Hills!) - involves hill walking, fast walking, optional hill striding/running 2 = Moderate Plus (for the faster Nordic Walker) 3 = Moderate yet challenging 4 = Gentle yet invigorating * = Booking essential for all walks with an asterisk Monday 6:30pm - Edgecott Close, Barton Hills, Luton (3)* Tuesday [...]

Nordic Walking Bedfordshire – Week Starting 30th June 2014

"Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet" - Well, on our long walk on Saturday, we did some walking in the rain and yes, we got wet BUT it was so great that even though we got soaked, even though we deviated off route and did an extra five minutes up a hill (so sorry ), after eleven miles I could still hear laughter and constant chatter with smiles through the rain!  It was a great walk and lovely scenery, wild animals (no, not you Reg!) and just wonderful company.  Thanks to all of you that braved the storms, the [...]

Bedfordshire Nordic Walking – Week Starting 16th June 2014

Hi Nordic Walkers! It's great to be back and raring to go after my week off relaxing in the sunshine, though seems as though you all had some great weather too. I'm sure Martin and Tanya weren't too soft on you and that you kept up the good paces in my absence. I missed my hills last week so think we will have a few good 'uns this week! "Yippee" I hear you cry! This week's Open walks: Grading Key: 1 = Extreme Nordic (Hills!) - involves hill walking, fast walking, optional hill striding/running * 2 = Moderate Plus (for [...]

Nordic Walking Bedfordshire – Week Starting 2nd June 2014

June 4, 2014 @ 1:31 pm
by Admin
Hi Y'all, I must mention the Thursday morning group who really stepped up their speed this week. Each and everyone were in great form and really went for it; so a Big well done to you all. I'm seeing definite progress in fitness levels too in each of my open classes so keep up the good work. Yay! This week we have a mix of weather again but hoping to get all our walks in. I have two wonderful Instructors helping out for this week (so there's no need to stop your walks!). Martin will be cover Saturday classes and [...]
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