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Latest Walks

Week Beginning 30th March 2015


Ampthill Park, West Car Park

Tuesday 8:30am (1)

Tuesday 10.00am (2) & (3)

NEW CLASS Wednesday 6:00pm - (2) Please Book

Thursday 10:00am  (2)

Saturday 9.00am (2)  Please Book

Saturday 10.00am (2)

Ampthill Park, The Hub Car Park

Wednesday 12.00pm (4) Please Book


Bedford Park, Foster Hill Road, Bedford

No Classes

Priory Country Park, Barkers Lane, Bedford

No Classes


Court Road, Cranfield, by the Church

Monday 10.30am (2)


Turnpike Drive, Luton

Monday 6.30pm (2) Please Book And Bring Reflective Tops and Paws.

Followed by Dinner at Bramingham Pub

Millbrook - Centre Parcs Circular

Meet on the verge by Millbrook Roundabout.

Tuesday 8:30am - Centre Parcs Perimeter - clockwise (1) Please Book

Willington (Danish Camp)

Danish Camp, Chapel Lane, Willington MK44 3QG

Thursday 10:00am (2)  Please Bring Paws 

New Beginners' Classes  In May 2015!

Saturday 2nd May, 11am - Ampthill Park, West Car Park

Monday 4th May, 1pm - Harlington Village Hall, Harlington

Thursday 7th May, 6:30pm - Cranfield, Hollywell Road 


The courses last for 5 weeks and cost £20 for payment in advance or £5 per session pay as you go

Why Nordic Walking?

  • Nordic Walking uses 90% of the skeletal muscles
  • Burns up to 46% more calories than normal walking
  • Poles propel you along, making it easier to move faster without feeling the strain
  • Tones the upper and lower body simultaneously
  • And...IT'S GREAT FUN!

Meet Elaine Kearns...

Elaine Kearns - Nordic Walking In Bedfordshire

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What Elaine's Nordic Walkers Say...

Nordic Walking With Elaine Kearns in Bedfordshire - Timberland Trail - 22nd June 2013
""Nordic with Elaine is a safe, healthy and a fun way to get and keep fit, meet new friends and enjoy nature. Can't beat it!"
Pat Crowe
" I have been doing Nordic Walking since May 2012, I underwent training with my instructor Elaine Kearns. I have never looked back ever since as it has been the most rewarding experience for me. > I moved from the North East of England and found it very difficult initially to settle in Bedford. I did do a high profile job in the legal profession in the North East. I retired early having moved to Bedford. I did various activities like joining the Gym, dancing etc but Nordic walking is the best of all these activities. It uplifted me and further Elaine is a caring and lovely person who takes an interest in every individual walker under her guidance. We all walk at different speeds but she has trained team leaders to see we are not lost and the walk is interesting for us all. > I have overcome joint pains, it has regulated my blood sugar levels and my general health has improved by leaps and bounds. Nordic Walking is so good for the upper part and lower part of the body as the poles give support and one is able to keep ones balance and it is so good for ones posture. I am so happy that I am able to do Nordic walking it uplifted me at a time when I was at a very low ebb. I cannot thank Elaine enough for the encouragement she has given me personally and to all my friends who trained with her. Elaine makes the walking so interesting. She is a great organiser as she organises long distance walks in various destinations including the Cotswolds. At Christmas she plans a lovely lunch for us all at a convenient venue, there is also treasure hunt followed by mince pies, cakes and drinks. It is such Merry event for us all. > The other other aspect for me is the social cohesion. Whilst walking we are able to chat with each other and laugh too. We finish the walks and end up in a cafe for a cuppa where we sit and relax and try to put the world to rights!!! I love every moment of it. > Elaine enjoins with Tanya another trained leader to have cookery demonstrations in groups at Tanya's place. Tanya is a great cook. It is not all about exercise but it is combined with good healthy food which is so palatable and then we sit round the table as group to savour the delicious meal. We have a jolly good laugh. So a lot of planning goes in to it all. I feel so energised. I personally believe that Nordic walking is as good as Yoga for both body and mind as I do both activities. > I congratulate Elaine Kearns for the enormous effort she has put into Nordic walking and for giving her best for us all. It has been so rewarding for me. Thank you so much Elaine you have been a superb guide and mentor. There should be more instructors of Elaine 's calibre."
Dhushyanthi Vedavana
“Hi, I have been Nordic walking for around 8 months now, started because i like walking and wanted to try something a little bit different, must say I'm glad I did, great walks with great people at a pace that suits you, what more could you want? As an added bonus getting healthier and fitter every week. Love it! If you ever wanted to do an activity which is fun and good for you, give it a go, why not?!”
Derek O'Dell
“In September 2013 I had a heart attack. The cardiac people at Bedford Hospital were brilliant, and a couple of “stents” later I was home. I went onto an excellent rehab course, provided through the hospital which included education and exercise for cardiac patients. After the rehab the advice is to exercise well, and walking is recommended as one of the best exercises. I would walk as often as possible. We are so lucky to have nice footpaths and woods locally. I noticed Elaine’s poster at the Hub in Ampthill Park, and thought that Nordic Walking may be a good enhancement to my normal plodding. It was clear from the outset, on Elaine’s free trial, it was indeed ideal for me, perfect exercise for my condition. When I exercise, I use a heart monitor and the exercise profile is perfect, enabling gentle warm up, cool down and more intense exercise in the middle. This is all under my control, which you can’t easily do swimming or cycling. My wife Barbara also found it is ideal for her, having arthritis in her knees. The poles reduce pressure on the legs and improve posture. So we signed up. Elaine’s lessons made sure we had the right technique, and now thanks to Elaine’s brilliant instruction, we find Nordic walking better than normal walking. The walks with Elaine’s group are always fun, encouraging and she takes a genuine interest in our progress and wellbeing. What’s more there are lots of friendly people, not to mention, fresh air, and brilliant scenery.”

Classes For Everyone!

Find Out Below Which Nordic Walking Class Is Right For You...

Grade 1 - Extreme Nordic Walking

Extreme Nordic (Hills!) – involves hill walking, fast walking, optional hill striding/running.

Grade 2 - Moderate Plus

For the faster Nordic Walker.

Grade 3 - Moderate

A moderate pace, but still challenging.

Grade 4 - Gentle

A gentle pace, yet invigorating. Ideal for beginners!


Find out about Nordic Walking

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Nordic Walking Prices

£5 (£4 if you have your own poles) For All Walks Except Longer Distance Walks And £5 For Moderate Plus

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